Faith Roe

Faith has been teaching for 7 years now and her styles include: ballet, pointe, lyrical, acrobatics, tumbling, and special needs classes. Faith is not only a teacher, she also works in the office and is the co-competition director at APA. Faith has been apart of APA for 18 years. Her dance journey started at 4 years old when she first enrolled at APA. She then also joined the nonprofit organization, Children's Dance Theater at 6 years old and has played numerous rolls such as Rose Queen, Snow Queen, and Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker. She also was Alice and the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. At age 8 she began competive dancing and did that for about 7 years. Faith began to TA for Deborah at 8 years old and continued to TA and learn from Deborah for 8 years. Faith finally started teaching at age 15 and has loved every minute of it. Faith focuses on having fun and encouraging her students to push themselves in her classes. She loves seeing her students improve.

"Working with kids is an absolute treasure for me. My favorite moments is when my students learn something new. It is important to me to create a positive and encouraging space for these kids to gain their confidence and develop their personalities."

-Faith Roe

Megan Roe

Megan has been teaching for 7 years now. She has taught styles including jazz, acrobatics,lyrical,special needs classes, and leaps and turns classes. She is is also the co-competition director. Megan started dancing at the age of 2. At age 8, she started competitive dance and continued competing all the way through age 18. At 6 years old, she joined Children's Dance Theater (CDT) and since then she has played numerous roles such as the Rose Queen in the Nutcracker. Over the years, she started TAing classes young and then began teaching at 15 years old. Megan focuses on growing her kids' confidence and getting them to break out of their shells and express themselves through dance.

"Being a teacher is such a reward. I love being a dance teacher because I love interacting with all the kids. Everytime a student learns something new, I can't help but get so excited. It is such a treat to help create such young, beautiful dancers."

-Megan Roe

Abigael Shannon



                                                                                                                                                                This is Abby's second year teaching Musical Theater. She has been dancing for 13 years now. Abby has been invlolved with Children's Dance Theater for 7 years now and has played numerous roles such as Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Abby is involved in Agricultural/Science and the Performing Arts Magnet at Tracy High school currently as a senior. She also loves to take part in the plays and musicals at Tracy Hugh.

"I love getting to know my students and being able to create a beautiful bond with them. Also, I love being to teach my students something they love!"

-Abigael Shannon

Annelise Pereira

This is Annie's second year teaching Musical Theater. She has been dancing for 13 years and has also been involved with Children's Dance Theater. Annie has been Drosselmeyer in The Nutcracker and has also been in Alice in Wonderland. This is her fourth year on the Tracy High Dance Team and she is also a member of the Southwinds student ministry. Annie is also involved in the Agricultural/Science and the International Baccalaureate Program at Tracy High School as a senior.

"I love getting to be a role model for the younger kids. I also love getting to have the experience of working with younger kids, establishing relationships with them, and helping to train them."

-Annelise Pereira


Lexi McIntyre

Lexi has been a teacher for 5 years now and has taught many styles such as ballet, hiphop, contemporary, conditioning, and cheer. Over her years of dancing, she has played many roles including Snow Queen, Rat King, Red Queen, Tinkerbell, and Peter Pan. Lexi has also choreographed for the Raiderettes. Lexi's biggest accomplishments are being a Simmawear Alumni and a 49ers Goldrush Alumni. Lexi focuses on encouraging and motivating her students' passions for dance.

"I love seeing my students grow each week, not only in their dance ability, but their personal growth as well."

-Lexi McIntyre