Heartwork's Early Education Inclusion Preschool


In cooperation with the Tracy Unified School District (TUSD)
and the San Joaquin County Office of Education (SJCOE)

Early Education Inclusion Preschool



We believe education is superior to any other kind of wealth because it cannot be lost or stolen. It cannot be taken away by others. The more it is shared and nurtured, the more it grows. We believe that providing a solid foundation where an education will grow, can and does change lives.

It is is our belief that every child is precious. We believe that each child is born with special needs, talents, and abilities. That each child has a gem inside. Our goal is to find that sparkle and give it a place in which shine.

Heartworks is an open stage. Parents have the freedom to come and share their talents and gifts. Parents are welcome in our classroom. We are a community that appreciates your interest and involvement in your child's education.


Heartworks believes that each child is am unique individual. Our goal is to provide the education and environment, which both, supports individuality and community awareness. Our intention is to provide experiences that allow a child to express him/herself as well as one that values the necessity and effectiveness of working in a group setting; a setting of cooperation and mutual respect. The practical application of these two concepts will help our students grow into independent, responsible and caring human beings.

We believe that education and learning is a joyful experience. We know the value of lifelong learning. We know that the world is full of adventure and excitement. We aspire to introduce your child to all the possibilities that education can offer.

*Curriculum and daily schedule may vary slightly from campus to campus, according to TUSD and SJCOE the policies

Secure Environment

Each of our classes are located on a TUSD facility. The classrooms and playgrounds are safe and secure. This setting allows for an easy transition from preschool to kindergarten, as the students have already acclimated to the school as well as some of their future teachers

Heartworks Curriculum

Heartworks uses an eclectic approach to preschool education. We use the open court reading and literacy program, as taught by TUSD, we use hands-on math and science strategies. We use the fine and performing arts regularly in our classes. Music, movement, and dramatic play are incorporated in our daily schedule. This helps to establish creative problem solving skills and independent thought.

And inclusion Preschool

Heartworks works in cooperation with TUSD and SJCOE. Our goals are to foster compassion and understanding as well as provide leadership and mentoring opportunities. In all of our classrooms, typically developing children and children with special needs work side-by-side. In the TUSD programs HW provides 5-7 students in the SDC classes three days a week. In the SJCOE program, HW has 15 students and our friends with special needs come and visit us as they prepare to exit the county program.

Tuition and fees

Preschool (3 year to 5 year)
$240 monthly @Hirsch (3 days per wk)
$240 monthly @ McKinley TUSD (3 days per wk)
$240.00 (3 day week) & $290.00 (4 days wk) McKinley San Joaquin Office of Education
Registration Fee… $50.00 per year
Materials Fee… $70.00 per year

*2020-2021 school year is now open for registration! School starts Monday Aug10, 2020!!!

Deborah Skinner, Kelly Nunes, Rosario Sueong, Hani Kaldes, and Suzy Davis are the teachers.  Call now, classes will fill!

*Child must be fully toilet trained

Hours of operation

McKinley School
*Tuesday - Thursday (3 day) 8:30-11:30 
*Tuesday -Friday (4 day) 8:30 to 11:30 AM

Side-by-Side Inclusion Preschool School
Tuesday - Thursday
*9:00 to noon - a.m. session
*Noon to 3:00 - p.m. session

Look to their future… you'll like what you see!

Locations and Registration Info

Business Office
(Located in Academy of Performing Arts)
124 W. 10th St.
Tracy, CA 95376
209-830-9296, FAX 209-830-9297

Deborah Skinner


School Sites

In cooperation with SJCOE
McKinley School
1616 Chester Ave., Portable D
Tracy, CA 95376

In cooperation with TUSD
Side-by-Side Inclusion Preschool School

McKinley School
1616 Chester Ave., Portable D
Tracy, CA 95376

Wanda Hirsch School
1280 Dove Dr.
Tracy, CA 95376